Paxman Hand Built Natural Horn

In the early 1980s when the interest in period instruments was growing and more and more horn players were exploring the techniques and characteristics of the natural horn, Paxman decided to look at offering a natural horn, based on the kind of instrument that would have been used in the late 19th century.

The resulting Paxman Natural Horn proved to be a popular and versatile instrument, which whilst not being an original period instrument, played its part in the development and understanding of the music of the period and the techniques involved in playing it as it would have been played at the time. They proved very popular instruments and are still used by several top natural horn players today. Unfortunately, the manufacture of hand horns (in particular the crooks) is significantly different from the processes used for the modern valved horn and whilst production of these hand horns continued until 1999, it was not viable to continue after this date, despite many requests to do so.

The horn shown in the photo is one that was recently found in the Paxman factory in Kent. It was built in 1992 and was kept as a ‘copy’ model against which subsequent horns were measured. Since this model will not be built again, we have decided to offer this horn as the last of its kind to be sold as new. It comes with a complete set of crooks, and the original box, although fortunately newer, more manageable cases have since been designed and can be bought from Paxman.

Priced at £4000, this offers a genuinely last chance to buy one of these superb instruments for new at a very competitive price.


WARRANTY: Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on all new instruments. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

Please email for further details.

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