Midwest Horn Clinic 2018

Photos above and below from the pre-Christmas Midwest Horn Clinic in Chicago, where Paxman were exhibiting with Houghton Horns

Midwest Horn Clinic 2018Chicago 2018

BHS 2018

Photo above shows the Paxman stand at the BHS ready for action.


Photos above and below show the new Paxman showroom at 197 Long Lane, London SE1 4PD Do come and visit us soon!


IHS Muncie 2018

Photos above and below from the 2018 IHS in Muncie.

IHS Muncie 2018

TMEA 2018

Photos above and below from TMEA 2018 in San Antonio. The Alamo is shown below on the right.

TMEA 2018TMEA.2018

NAMM 2018

Photos above and below from NAMM 2018 in California, where the weather was kinder than for last year's show.

NAMM 2018NAMM.2018

Paxman 95.3 triple horn

In 1978, Paxman built the first of a new model which was to be designated the model 100. It was a compensating triple horn in F/Bb/Bb soprano, with various options including a stopping valve on the Bb horn and an ascending 3rd valve. Over the following eighteen years, a total of 34 of these instruments were built for players including Baumann, Clevinger and McWilliam.

In 2016, we had a request from a customer in the US for the same combination triple horn (F/Bb/Bb soprano), but as a full triple, rather than the compensating triple model 100. After much deliberation and thought about what was and wasn’t possible with our current valve sections, we agreed with one of our US dealers, Wichita Band Instrument Co, that we would build and supply them with a new model designated the model 95.3. This horn features a compact, triple bore valve section and this particular horn has a large bore nickel silver bell. Below are two photos of the horn as it developed on the workbench of John Turner and above shows its finished state before being shipped off to the US.

Paxman 95.3 triple hornPaxman 95.3 triple horn

More photos of the completed 95.3 below. On the left being held by Tim Jones and below that John Turner and Steve Flower.

Paxman 95.3 triple hornPaxman 95.3 triple horn
Paxman 95.3 triple horn

Jim Rattigan with a Paxman 33

Photo above shows Jim Rattigan, who has played a Paxman model 33 for many years. His work is innovative and ranges from trios to much larger ensemble. Paxman helped to sponsor Jim's 2017 Pavillion Tour, which was also crowdfunded.

Jim Rattigan
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