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“Paxman have long been the benchmark for high quality instruments and innovation in design” David Pyatt

Paxman started life in the early years of the 20th century, in the same London borough that it currently occupies, although horn production was not to commence for a number of years.

The foundations of the current range of instruments were established in the 1950s, with the arrival of Richard Merewether, a professional horn player from Australia. He had ideas on horn design that were well ahead of their time, and in Paxman he found the outlet he needed for their manufacture.

The fruits of this initial cooperation were so successful that a permanent association was forged and these principles of design remain the cornerstone for much of the Paxman range.

Nearly one hundred years after the company was founded, Paxman is at the pinnacle of international horn playing, with Paxman horns found in the hands of top players on every major concert platform around the world.

Paxman are constantly striving to maintain this reputation, working closely with some of the world’s leading players and introducing new models to fulfil the demands of an ever changing profession.

The instruments are hand built using techniques that have not changed since the manufacture of the first valved horn in the 19th century, whilst at the same time making use, where appropriate, of 21st century technologies.

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