After a highly successful career as a player in Germany, in 1980 Engelbert Schmid exhibited his new horns for the first time. In 1990 he established his own workshop with a personally trained group of instrument makers.

Since then, the skilled craftsmanship, innovative ideas and general overall quality of Schmid horns has brought them to the attention of a growing number of horn players.

As exclusive UK dealers for Schmid horns, Paxman try to keep the most popular options in stock. Any model not in stock can be ordered, please email for further details.

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Schmid Double

F/Bb full double

Schmid Triple

F/Bb/F alto full triple

The following horns are in stock. Please check with Paxman that they are still available before visiting.

Please note: Prices do not include case.

Double horn F/Bb, yellow brass, detachable bell, lacquered 9760.00
Compensating triple horn (Eb alto), yellow brass, detachable bell, lacquered 13450.00

Other options are available - please contact Paxman for prices.


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