Over recent years we have been watching with interest the emergence of musical instrument manufacture in low cost production areas.

Our concerns have been that some of the student horns being imported were likely to be detrimental to the long-term development of new and improving horn players. We were determined to find sources of high quality manufacture, and use our design input to develop instruments priced for the student market without compromising the high standards that our reputation rests upon.

In 2008, after an intensive period of design and testing, the Paxman Academy full double and compensating double horns were launched. These quickly established themselves as the market leaders for this level of instrument in many territories and their popularity and success have continued to grow. More recently, the Series 4 and Series 5 have been added to the range, offering a comprehensive choice of high quality, competitively priced double horns to cover every requirement from beginner to professional player.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence, we continue to monitor the situation and are continually driving up standards of production and finishing. We believe that the result is an unrivalled range of affordable horns from a name known and trusted throughout the horn world.


WARRANTY: Paxman Musical Instruments Limited give a two year warranty on all new instruments. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.


Series 5 Full Double Horn

Series 5 F/Bb Full Double Horn
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Series 4 Full Double Horn

Series 4 F/Bb Full Double Horn
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Academy Full Double Horn

Academy F/Bb Full Double Horn
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Academy Compensating Horn

Academy F/Bb Compensating Double
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